Virtual Reality [VR] Resources

Working with Make Real, TunnelSkills has developed four VR applications for the suite of Immersive Learning experiences. Two of the applications take the form of game-like interactive scenarios, while the other two offer more cinematic experiences. All four applications have the common goal of promoting awareness of tunnelling environments, the hazards associated with them, and the health and safety considerations you need to be aware of when working underground.

For further details about all the Immersive Learning VR resources, getting access to the apps on Oculus, hardware requirements, how the apps can be used, future use, etc., check out the VR Resources FAQs. Please use the contact details at the bottom to email us, if you have a query that isn't covered in the FAQs.

The VR content and apps that are available are:

App 1: Try It 1 - Access into Tunnels under Construction

This experience shows you the correct procedures to follow when entering a tunnel under construction. It also helps you to identify common hazards and safety features found in the pit bottom.

App 2: Try It 2 - Emergency Response

This experience guides you on the correct procedures you should follow in the event of fire in a tunnel.

App 3: See It - Shaft and Tunnel Construction

This experience takes you on 360 video walkthroughs of four different tunnelling methods:

  • Tunnel Boring Machine
  • Hand Mining
  • Pipejacking
  • Sprayed Concrete Lining

Click here to view the Web Version of this app (Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox)

App 4: Hear It - Insights into Tunnelling - Past and Present

This is an immersive 360 documentary where 12 tunnelling professionals share stories from their careers. These interviews are illustrated by photos and 360 video clips from tunnelling projects both past and present.

Click here to view the Web Version of this app (Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox)

The tunnelling apps are designed for and best viewed on an Oculus Quest headset.

For further details on the VR apps including images, brief hardware guides, app descriptions and help and support topics follow the link below to view and download the user guide. TunnelSkills Immersive Learning - VR User Guide

Feedback is a key part of this project - please share your views on the material here:

Also available as an app for Oculus Quest is a cool interactive Bridge Team VR game. This app can be used in educational settings to promote careers in engineering. Follow the links below to view and download the guide and clue cards for this app.

Bridge Team VR - Guide and Solution

Bridge Team VR - Clue Cards

We will also keep the Immersive Learning webpage and our home page updated with forthcoming events where you will be able to try out the hardware and IL VR apps.


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