There are many possible routes to achieving a competent skills set in tunnelling.

Paths to Competence
Ultimately, all paths will lead to an individual being classed as competent to work in the tunnelling environment. The career pathway, found on the link below, is a general map for all individuals in the sector and the stages that they will inevitably go through as their career develops. The pathway takes development from the school leaver right through to the experienced tunneller.

The pathway can be read in conjunction with the document links on both the 'Careers Matrix' webpage and the 'Tunneller's route to competence', in order to provide guidance on training routes and qualifications. The pathway also seeks to identify the interface between on-site and off-site training; the mixture of theory based learning and practical experience is an essential element to each candidate. TunnelSkills will look to provide guidance and help to arrange the necessary training to achieve the right balance for each individual.

Career Pathway Diagram