Details on the course structure and guidlines regarding its completion. Details on the syllabus can be found on the relevant webpage.

Underground Safety Passport Scheme Requirements
The course is run over a single day, consists of a series of sections and is concluded by a multiple-choice test. The test includes questions covering all of the nine sections as detailed on the course syllabus page. In order for a candidate to pass the course, the test must be successfully completed on the day. The test is comprised of 45 questions covering the full range of topics and they are selected randomly by the web-based software used to collate each test. Each candidate is required to achieve 80% in order to pass the test (36 correct answers) and will be informed of their result immediately upon completion.

Health and safety regulations are subject to regular alterations and updates; to ensure that operatives are aware of the risks going forward, all passport holders are required to undertake a short refresher course and re-test every two years.

In addition to the course requirements set out above, the award of the Passport qualification will be subject to each candidate having achieved the following:

a) Passing the CSCS Health and Safety Test in the past two years,
b) Holding an appropriate qualification relevant to the tunnelling environment e.g. NVQ Level 2 in Tunnelling Operations or,
c) Working towards an appropriate qualification, such as NVQ Level 2 in Tunnelling Operations.

The relevant qualifications accepted with regards to parts b) & c) above, include:
NVQ L2 Tunnelling Operations
NVQ L2 Plant Operations - appropriate to tunnelling
NVQ L2 Construction Operations
NVQ 2/3 Drilling and Blasting
Electrical or Mechanical Skills Competency Card
Electrical or Mechanical technical qualification
NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision
NVQ Level 3 in Construction Site Supervision
NVQ Level 4 or above in Construction Site Management
BTEC in Civil Engineering, or a related subject
ONC/HNC in Civil Engineering, or a related subject
Diploma in Civil Engineering, or a related subject
Degree in Civil Engineering, or a related subject
NEBOSH, IOSH or equivalent H&S qualification
A1 Assessor (NVQ Occupational Area to include tunnelling)

In addition to the above, any candidate must be confirmed by assessment to meet the National Occupational Standard VR568 –Working on Tunnelling Projects. Those holding, or working towards, the NVQ L2 in Tunnelling Operations have to meet that Standard as part of their NVQ.

Anyone holding the required qualifications will be issue with a blue card. Those who do not, will be issued with a red card which cannot normally be renewed after the initial 2 year period. Therefore, candidates have just 2 years to achieve the appropriate qualifications required.

Full details on the Safety Passport Scheme Requirements can be found below:

Safety Passport Scheme Details

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