Methods of assessment
To achieve a National Vocational Qualification [NVQ] you need to be registered with an NVQ Assessment Centre as a candidate. Your employer must be involved and should assist you with the whole process. Obviously, there are costs involved but government funding is available in most cases. See the link below that provides details of the various Construction Awards Alliance [CAA] approved assessment centres across the UK that offer Tunnelling Operations NVQs.

NVQ Assessment Centres

NVQs are ‘assessed’ by qualified ‘assessors’ who are occupationally competent and work for the assessment centre. Tunnelling Operations NVQs are assessed using the OSAT [On-site Assessment and Training] process. All Tunnelling Operations NVQs are at Level 2. Level 2 NVQs show candidates have good knowledge & understanding and the skills to carry out a variety of tasks with some guidance or supervision. NVQ assessment methods are generally based on:

• Observation in the workplace
• Questioning and discussion
• Discussion of past experience & achievements
• Testimony

When new candidates start an NVQ, the assessor will help them to:

• identify what they can do already
• agree on the qualification route and level they are aiming for and is best suited to their circumstances
• analyse what they may need to learn or any further development required
• choose and agree on activities that will allow them to demonstrate their competence

NVQ assessors make judgements about the competence of candidates by reference to the unit standard available from the national occupational standards [NOS] associated with the occupation. They base their assessment decisions on the assessment methods and available evidence agreed between assessor and candidate and then demonstrated/collected and presented by the candidate. Once enough evidence has been collected and presented to meet the criteria of the qualification, the assessor judges the evidence against the occupational standards. When the candidate has been satisfactorily assessed in all the units in the qualification for which he was registered the assessment centre can ‘claim’ the qualification award. Candidates can, within reason, work at their own pace; discussing, agreeing and reviewing progress with their assessor as they progress.

CAA approval demands that assessment centres make NVQ assessment available to all. Centres must have a fair and robust Equal Opportunities Policy and a fair Appeals Procedure should candidates have any issues concerning how they are treated or judged.