Each NVQ qualification is based on a series of occupational standards or competencies that are assessed in the work place. Each unit is designed to highlight the experience and knowledge that an individual has gained in a specific subject area and therefore, whether or not they are competent in that area.

NVQ level 2 Occupational Standards
The National Occupational Standards (NOS) that detail the Performance Criteria and Knowledge and Understanding requirements that form the assessment criteria for each candidate include:

Unit No. VR 01 Conform to General Workplace Safety
Unit No. VR 02 Conform to Efficient Work Practices
Unit No. VR 03 Move and Handle Resources
Unit No. VR 123 Prepare Substrate for Sprayed Concrete
Unit No. VR 124 Provide Structural Support by Sprayed Concrete
Unit No. VR 174 Install Tunnelling Back-up Services
Unit No. VR 175 Install Tunnel Supports
Unit No. VR 176 Install and Operate Spoil Removal Equipment
Unit No. VR 177 Excavate and Profile Tunnels
Unit No. VR 178 Construct Vertical Shafts for Tunnelling Operations
Unit No. VR 233 Carry Out Mud, Slurry or Fluid Plant Operations
Unit No. VR 299 Plant or Machinery Operator Maintenance
Unit No. VR 390 Operate Plant or Machinery to Construct and Form
Unit No. VR 391 Operate Plant or Machinery to Receive and Transport Loads
Unit No. VR 396 Direct and Guide the Movement of Plant or Machinery
Unit No. VR 400 Operate Specialised Powered Tools and Equipment
Unit No. VR 402 Slinging and Signalling the Movement of Loads
Unit No. VR 568 Working on Tunnelling Projects
Unit No. VR 569 Install or Excavate Tunnels by Pipejacking or Micro-tunnelling Operations

These standards are the base from which the development of the qualification structure has been derived. You can find out more about each of the units listed above by clicking on the link below.

National Occupational Standards for Tunnelling Operations