TunnelSkills is comprised of all the major tunnelling and tunnelling labour suppliers in the UK and expect to bring in all the other industry players, Consultants, Clients and Suppliers in the near future to achieve an organisation committed to a competent tunnelling capability in the UK.

The aims and objectives of the TunnelSkills Forum are supported by ConstructionSkills, the British Tunnelling Society, H.S.E. and the Pipe Jacking Association.

Financially, the TunnelSkills Forum is supported by ConstructionSkills and the members of the British Tunnelling Society.

The Forum shall be open to membership by all companies and manufacturers within the industry. Prospective members can apply for subscriptions through written application to the TunnelSkills Forum. There are two types of membership:

Full Members

Full memberships will be available for all contractors, sub-contractors and labour-only employers of tunnel operatives; the subscription fee will vary according to the company size:

<2m turnover = Membership fee of 250p.a.
2m-20m turnover = 500p.a.
20m+ turnover = 1,000p.a.

Full members will be able to join the management or sub-committees and will receive a discount on applications for the Safety Passport scheme. They will be able to vote at the TunnelSkills AGM and assist with establishing arrangements for all NVQ assessments. Full members will also be permitted access to the 'members only' areas of the website, including training information and the latest news.

Associate Members

Associate memberships will be available to all other forms of organisation, which includes consultants, clients, suppliers, training and recruitment agencies. Associate members may be invited to join the various sub-committees and will be invited to an update session every six months. Associate members will not be able to vote on any committee matters but will have access to meeting minutes and progress reports via dedicated website access. Unlike full members, associate members will not receive any discount for Safety Passport applications. There is a flat fee of 250 for this form of membership.

Members will benefit from access to controlled areas of the site including updated news and training information; the level of membership will dictate the access permissions available.