The TunnelSkills training forum has been formed by the UK tunnelling contractors in conjunction with ConstructionSkills, with the following onjectives:


1) To organise and coordinate training in tunnelling in the construction industry.

2) To cooperate and liaise with ConstructionSkills, in order to promote the training needs of the tunnelling industry.

3) To cooperate with local and national training providers, manufacturers and other authorities with regards to the provision of facilities for training leading to the award of NVQ/ SVQ qualifications or other recognised awards.

4) To develop training and apprenticeship programmes with ConstructionSkills and support the take up of training and development opportunities.

5) To try and ensure that suitable qualifications exist that reflect the required competencies of tunnelling operatives.

You can view all of the objectives and targets set out by TunnelSkills in the TunnelSkills Articles of Association