About Us

Formed in 2008 following an HSE led initiative, TunnelSkills membership comprises most major employers / contractors from the UK tunnelling industry.

Supported by CITB, the British Tunnelling Society and the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy - TUCA, we offer our Members continuing development of specific tunnelling qualifications, guidance on current CITB practice including Levy and Grants and access to an annual £25,000 pool of Specialist Group Funding.

We hold quarterly forum meetings, open to all members, where we discuss topical issues around current training and qualifications, development of innovative tunnelling training courses and their associated qualifications.

TunnelSkills fully supports Goconstruct which is an industry-wide initiative that aims to attract, inform and retain a talented workforce for the construction and built environment sector. We welcome presentations from leading suppliers covering the latest technologies within industry.

Our aspiration is to benchmark safety and competence for all in the underground environment, where we promote competence via on-site training and assessment leading to national qualifications.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a qualified tunnelling workforce on a national basis.