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Welcome to TunnelSkills

TunnelSkills is an organisation formed to foster high standards of competence in tunnelling and other underground operations.

TunnelSkills is a Specialist Training Forum supported by ConstructionSkills, with a membership of the contractor employers in the UK tunnelling industry.

There is a recognised need to bring new entrants and younger people into tunnelling in the UK and TunnelSkills has been creating the framework for training and assessment as a path towards competence underground.

On this site you will find details of the underground safety passport - the first and necessary step which the contractors have introduced as a precursor to going underground to work. You will also find details of the National Vocational Qualifications in Tunnelling Operations, which are founded on the National Occupational Standards for tunnelling and will be the principal qualification for tunnelling operatives.

TunnelSkills provides support to the organisation of NVQs and together with its members, looks to increase the number of candidates gaining qualifications in tunnelling. The Forum has also established the Safety Passport qualification, designed to give all tunnelling operatives a basic understanding of the risks faced when working below ground.

Further information on these can be found under the relevant tabs above. Ultimately, TunnelSkills aim is to ensure that the sector has within it the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with the needs of an ever more competitive industry.

Please explore the site to find out what TunnelSkills can do for you and your organisation and Contact Us for any further information you may require.